Health Resort Basin

Sculpture, 2012
GC.AC Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea Monfalcone
Enamelled iron, plastic.

Alan Candy Prayer

Sculpture, 2008
MANIFESTA 7, Rovereto
Resin, marble, cm 90x36x50, cm 40x30


Sculpture, 2012
STALKER is a stand alone sculpture part of the installation-solo show "The Isle of the Dead", CO2 Gallery, Rome. Oxidized iron, cm 250x40x9.


sculpture, 2012
13 Cairo Award, Museo del 900, Milan
13 Cairo Award, Museo del 900, Milan. Concrete, enamelled iron, wood, chewing gum, plumes.

Dream-Chaser (Sierra Nevada) #01

Enamelled iron, concrete

Dream-Chaser (Sierra Nevada) #02

Sculpture, 2102
Enamelled iron, concrete.

UNI 7697

Sculpture, 2012
From the solo show installation "The Isle of the Dead" (CO2 Gallery, 2012), UNI 7697, consists of metal profiles that outline a parapet wired glass with a concrete basement. the wired glass is an architectural element the buildings of the seventies, subsequently prohibited by safety regulations (The law n. 7697). This particular glass is a fragment of a memory, probably the only alive and reassuring element in the psychological universe of "The Isle of the Dead" exhibit. Enameled iron, oxidized iron, wired glass, concretecm 120x75x9

The Isle of the Dead

Installation, 2012
CO2 Gallery, Rome, Turin.
From the project for "The Isle of the Dead". Concrete, enamelled iron.

Eden Olympia

Sculpture, 2013
Odixidized Iron, enamelled iron, steel, polyurethane - Premio Terna 2013

Atlantik Wall

Sculpture, 2012
CO2 Gallery, Rome.
Atlantik Wall is a part of the sculpture installation solo show "The Isle of the Dead".  The whole project revolves around the relation between the environment and the psychological suggestion the work arouses: fear, await and a feeling of death. These elements are the ones which usually translate into attraction to a world which is based on realistic, common aspects while at the same time overwhelmed by the frightfully unknown. Enamelled iron, bardage wood, concrete, steel cm 180 x 110 x 145
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