Summer Kids Training Camp

Video Installation, performance.

Education and Protection of Our Children

40' two channels Film, 2006
“Education and protection of our children” reminds an educational documentary around the themes of childhood and adolescence, the former educational system and the religious experience, individual youth-identity and the community, nature and human progress. The themes interweave, pervaded by a constant serenity that at moments reveals tragedy. The visual quality of “Education and protection of our childen #2”, reminds some international-educational documentaries and TV video archives that enspired a whole generation in the 70’s. Youhts, places, animals and situations, are shown with the same innocent eyes of an individual but universal past, where tht truth seems to be caught in the deepest part of a simple message, like the quality of our vision in the first technological age and its move into our present. - 2 channels Film, super8mm and 16mm on HD. Music by PortRoyal, direction Andrea Dojmi - Photo Courtesy of Andrea Dojmi and Netmage Festival -

Alan walks to a RED point

Film - 9' fuji single8mm on hd -
“Alan walks to a RED point” revives the experience of an alien abduction happened during a remote childhood-time, by juxtaposing elements which address different levels of understanding: images, sounds, memories, suggestions of mysterious events. An uncanny nine minutes super 8 mm film about the alien identity and youth. “Alan walks to a RED point” is a beginning of a deep visual research that took Andrea Dojmi to the realization of the 28’ film “The distance to the sun”. - Music by Flushing Device and Andrea Dojmi -

Illumination Complete

Film (videostill from the film)
“Illumination Complete” is the programmatic title for a series of interventions carried out over the course of the time and recorded on film, in photographs and in sound. The ideal setting for the action # 5 turned out to be a basketball court inside an oratory in Como, Italy. It was a question of forgetting the motives of a normal basketball game, negating the original meaning of the action. I was no longer interested in the game, but in an unprecedented movement under the sun, where the basket structures became a shining hot space ship landed from some far galaxy.


Film, 2011
Ely has been a space mission, the last of the Space Era, I think. Ely was the woman I loved before leaving the Earth. Ely was the far away planet I've orbited around for years. I was sleeping for few hours in the appendix-module of a giant orbiting station, now almost abandoned. Ely also became the new name of planet earth when I got back. Now I sit on my bed, while the nearest star caressed my light red suit and the launching ramps, silent, were now in a most complete abandon.
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